Rockland Commercial, Inc.

222 N Sepulveda Blvd
STE 2000

El Segundo, CA 90245
Los Angeles County

800-572-4080 Office

310-622-4186 Fax number


If you are a seasoned estate trust deed investor or a hard money lender and you need to do more loans or just looking to get started and would want to have a steady stream of quality loans monthly while minimizing your risk, Rockland Commercial, Inc. will assist you in the placements of your funds.

The company enjoys an enormous level of trust with our investors as it has built a strong integrity and dedication in protecting their interest without compromising our ethics to customer service. We invite you to become a member of our company as your investment is secured by a Deed of Trust or mortgage and Promissory Note on the property being used as collateral. Moreover, our loans are based mostly on equity and work with the borrowers to re-establish their credit.

Investment with Rockland Commercial can be in deeds of trust on an individual basis or into our fund where we manage the entire process. We would be pleased to answer any further queries you may have pertaining to our investment opportunities. You could contact us at 310-872-7630 or email us

We are looking forward for your inclusion in our company.