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Hard Money Investors, CA

You might have lots of doubts and FAQs regarding hard money investor loans and due to these you are not able to take any concrete decision.

As everyone knows hard money investor loans are the asset based loans so hard money investor loans are offered only for properties. These loans are provided for commercial projects, residential units like single family homes and other types of real estate. We have quite good investors so that your loan deal could take place easily. Within few days of applying for loan fast hard money will be offered to you. This all is because these investors are making serious money by investing with us in real estate transactions.

We offer lots of good deals to our investors. Different types of options are available for our real estate investors like fixed rate mortgages, adjustable rate loans, interest only loans etc. Our closing costs are low and interest rates are very competitive.

So here we are to clear all your doubts and answer all your questions regarding hard money investor loans.

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